iPage claims to be flexible and easy to use. However, the information that is out their is nearly enough to write this review.

Best thing about IPage is, you get a guaranteed North American technical support, worst part is they have no dedicated or VPN hosting, instead the company is focused mainly on personal, nonprofit and small business sites run by people with low-to-medium resource requirements. Pricing is fair.

IPage is a good choice if you want good support and a guarantee without the technical mumbo jumbo. Remember that Premium support is great but pretty expensive.


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Disk SpaceUnlimited

iPage  specializes in shared hosting plans. They Have a range of freebies and bonuses on signup, and a one of a kind ‘Anytime’ money-back guarantee. Both of these seem to be their specialist area, along with shared web hosting.
Some of the key features include:
• Money Back Guarantee
• WordPress
• Uptime Guarantee
• Cpanel

Reliability and Security

All hosting packages come with cPanel. From there, you manage your domains, email addresses, and account settings, among other things. You also manage your domain name settings and view statistics about your website and who visited it. SSL certificates are necessary for anyone looking to sell items online. A dedicated SSL certificate is better because it enables customers to stay on your site to complete the transaction instead of being transferred to another site. There are several websites out there that only offer a shared SSL certificate so the fact that iPage offers a dedicated one as well is a nice bonus. This is an especially important benefit if you’re looking to set up an ecommerce site.

Customer Service and Support

They have 24/7 phone, chat, and email support and all of these channels have very quick response times, with phone calls usually being answered in minutes. For people who would rather solve their problems on their own, their support system has a huge knowledge base full of helpful articles and tutorials for all common problems related to setting up and maintaining your website.


New customers are can look forward to tons of incentives, some of these are a standard for all hosting companies but its good that they offer them.
● There’s a free Security Suite which includes a “highly secure data center” and daily spam and malware scans.
● There’s also a Marketing Suite package which includes $100 in Google Adwords credit, $25 in Yahoo!/Bing ad credit, $50 in Facebook ad credit, a free listing on YellowPages.com, analytics software and an authentication seal.
● The third package is the Support Suite, which includes 24/7 phone, chat and email support, tutorials and help. This is valued at $50.


$1.98*/month Yes Yes Unlimited
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